Invest In Yourself

This world is changing at an ever fast speed. Third key to being on the A Team is Continuous Learning in the ever-changing world. To be the best of the best you need to know more than anyone but stay curious about new ideas and what others bring to the table.

An average salesmen believes they know everything, no reason to learn. The moment you stop learning is the moment you die. There is always something to learn. When meeting sales people out and about I always ask questions about their success, failures, and advice.

How to be a continuous learner? There is the sales process and the relationship building aspects to selling. Find which one you need to work on and focus on making it a strength. I feel that I am great at relationship building but need to work on the sales process. Investing in myself I listen to a podcast everyday. In Itunes type in Newsweekly or Zig Ziegler podcasts. You can’t beat free knowledge. They last up to 15 minutes and I always take something away for the day to chew on.

I challenge each one of you to spend 15 minutes learning every day. Let me know how it impacts your life through comments.


About naturallyhappybabiesandmoms

An Independant Distributer for Scentsy. Scentsy began in 2003 with the powerfully simple idea of aromatic candles – decorative warmers that are wickless and safe without sooting your home. My focus is on-line marketing (connect on LinkedIn) and blogging. Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, and Construction ask about receiving a FREE Plug-In as a gift from me to use as closing gifts.
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