Beckys Orphans

 Support  AIDS Orphans in Zambia

By giving to these orphans we are helping them receive food, clothing, health care, and an education. 

 Otherwise, these children have no where else to go and no one to turn to.  The AIDS epidemic that is in Luska, Zambia leaves parents barely able to feed themselves or take care of their children.

With the help of our donations, local church Grace Ministries Mission, are assisting these children by getting them into foster care.  Grace Ministries believe in abstinence to prevent AIDS from spreading. 

Sadly children outnumber the amount of able parents.  This causes the children to be orphaned and not able to take care of themselves.  By placing these children in foster care it allows for a second chance.

Grace ministries gives out bibles to all of the children and they participate in worship services.  By teaching about AIDS in addition to giving financial support Grace Ministries aims at cutting off the root of the problem, not just softening the effects.

  301-213-2945 or

           Make a donation directly, go to Cross International







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