Fundraising and Scentsy go Hand in Hand!

Sick of doing the same old same old fundraiser? Scentsy is the perfect solution! Contact me and I can explain how easy a Scentsy Fundraising is.  I am more than happy to ensure that all your needs are met.  I will do everything possible to make the fundraiser a great success, fresh, and fun!

What will your organization receive?

You receive 25% of all products sold. For example $2,000 in product sold will get your organization $500.00 check.  Shipping is free and each order is inventoried, labeled, and sorted.  They will delivered to you individually packaged for  your customers to pick up and enjoy.

  • Traditional Door to Door: Members of your organization ask friends, family, and neighbors for orders.  Traditionally within two weeks the orders are picked up and processed.
  • Fairs or Special Events: Have a Scentsy Booth at a fair or special event.  You just take orders from participants and I process the orders for you
  • For either fundraiser I provide catalogs, order forms, envelopes, and instructions.  I am here for you every step of the way and to answer every question you have!

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